Development Structure

Growth is an unique and inspiring phenomena. As the essence of nature of life itself, it symbolises our constant drive to develop and improve. It is the creative force that causes a seedling to become an adult. Growth is fundamental a part of each of us. And when you think about it what is alternative at best stagnation at worse decline? Growth is the only option.

In order to grow you have to have a point of view about the future. Standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards in a rapidly changing world. Taekwondo principles are no different to what a successful person is seeking. The belts structure is hence introduced to show mile stones achieved in ones development.

Belts System

Dan Rank Age (years) Time period (years) Class
1st Dan 16 3 – 4 Novice
2nd Dan 18 2 Novice
3rd Dan 21 3 Novice
4th Dan 25 4 Expert
5th Dan 30 5 Master
6th Dan 36 6 Master
7th Dan 43 7 Master
8th Dan 51 8 Grandmaster
9th Dan 60 9 Grandmaster

In addition to the above, the practitioner has to demonstrate technical excellence, mental maturity, high sprit as well as contribution to one’s club and organisation, before being invited for grading.