The oriental way is the inward way…

One who knows others is wise.
One who knows himself is enlighted.
One who conquers others has physical strength.
One who conquers himself is strong.
One who is contended is rich.
One who acts with vigor has will.
One who does not lose his place will endure.
One who dies but does not really perish enjoys long life.

Also taekwondo’s philosophy includes the following tenets…

The Combination of these two are the foundation of philosophy for Taekwondo Tigers. Believing this strong philosophy within Taekwondo Tigers, from white belts to highest ranking black belts the basics are practiced. Throughout our organisation there is a genuine belief that the basics can always be improved, a little better technique, a little faster, a little stronger. It is this continual desire to do ones best that lay the foundation of Taekwondo for practitioners.

All Taekwondo practitioners within our Taekwondo organisation are to observe the tenants and oath of Taekwondo. With growth of Taekwondo schools all over the place, our Taekwondo will firm in its resolve to maintain the traditional aspects of Taekwondo practices.

The practice of Traditional TaeKwonDo as it has always been for centuries is to enhance the Total Health being of the individual (i.e. the mind, body and spirit). This is achieved as the novice undergoes…