Taekwondo is a complete discipline. Within taekwondo the practitioners will learn basic skills as well as patterns which are fighting skills agaisnt an imaginary opponent. Various equipment is also used to help with the development of each individual’s taekwondo skills. These skills are three step sparring, three step semi sparring, one step sparring, one to one sparring and free sparring which ultimately help to develop taekwondo skills. Taekwondo is a way of life which helps to bring both mind and body together by exercising body and developing a strong mind.

Exercising mind – This would self confidence, developing self-discipline, better judgement, self control, better stress management, better self image and a positive attitude.

Exercising Body – This would help to have good co-ordination, toning, weight reduction, flexibility improvement, cardiovascular conditioning, increased strength and general fitness.

Philosophically – The way of taekwondo is courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, indomitable spirit, honesty, respect, courage, generosity and loyalty.

Combination of these three aspects into one’s daily life will result in calm, harmony, health and happiness.

“Ye” (etiquette)

Extract from “Dynamic Taekwondo” – “Is an essential spirit in taekwondo training. Taekwondo practice must begin and end with etiquette. Ye is an abbreviation of kyongnye. Ye denotes the way that all human beings must follow. It is the fundamental base on which human spirit stands. That is respect for humanity”.

Kyongnye is a bow that signifies truthful respect to the other person. Kyongnye, in Taekwondo practice, is a bow bending the upper body approximately 15 degrees forward. Bowing symbolizes respect without and humility Within. Adequate and neat appearance and controlled mental attitude are the most critical in Taekwondo etiquette. Bow is ye and ye can be cultivated through inner effort.

Taekwondo practitioners must bow when entering and leaving the Do Jang, when meeting SABUM NIM (KAE) (School) Instructor; “SIR!” and higher rank students. Before and after working out with partner in self-defense or step-sparring, and performing poomse, you must bow in a proper manner.

The goal of Taekwondo training lies in the attainment of the most ideal human values through rigorous physical and mental practice.